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Back on Course gives an inside look at what the game can reveal and how to use that information to excel in business. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast already or just thinking about taking up the sport, this book puts the power of the sport in your hands.


We invite you and your colleagues to experience imapGolf for business. These programs and events use golf to simulate what happens in the business world. Our corporate programs blend experiential learning on the golf course with practical, educational insights that are directly transferrable to the work environment.


The Team Tee Off

To create a safe and fun environment to explore the challenges of working together as a team.

The Strategic Scramble

Ignite the competitive spirit of a team with an on course competition that simulates what happens in the business environment.

Drive It Through the Grass Ceiling

Designed specifically for Executive Women who recognize that the shortest road to the top may be the cart path.

Business Golf Essentials

You only have one shot at a first impression; and it’s usually the first tee.
Everyone hears about the deals that are made on the golf course. No one talks about the business that was lost.


  • Build better relationships with your customers.
  • Embrace diversity and work as a team.
  • Make better, faster, real time decisions as conditions continue to change.
  • Develop strategies and tactics based on people, tools and targets.
  • Influence people to buy based on a multidimensional understanding of the prospect.
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Where do these take place?

We look for golf facilities that provide indoor meeting space, outside practice range, ability to play nine holes (for some programs) as well as great food. This can be hosted at a private or public club of your choosing or one of our partnering clubs (check our partner at Seven Canyons)

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?

This depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and which program you choose. We have done events for anywhere from 10 to 120.

How much does it cost?

There are many variables that drive what your investment will be. Any expenses for facilities, food, beverage and lodging are controlled by you. In addition, the size of the group, length of the program, whether you’re looking for a standard or premium experience will help us determine your fee. Programs we have conducted for our clients have ranged from $3,500 to $75,000.

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Our custom programs will fit your needs! Contact us for more information!