It's All In Your Head

When you are lost and don’t know what to do with your game, we have the guide to get you back on track.

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How it Works

Algorithms are the root of imap’s breakthrough success science. The imapMyGolfGame library of algorithmic golf situations activate with collected personal data points to identify individual golfing stressors, offer solutions, and help you discover the power of me-management. When you learn to me-manage your internal tendencies, you’ll own a better golf game.

What’s Inside

  • A map of your internal game – plotting 7 crucial performance characteristics unique to you.
  • Comparative analysis to an underestimated factor… how who you play with can affect your game.
  • A clear understanding of what motivates you to play and a step by step guide to play your best.
  • Detailed scenarios of challenging situations that trigger stress and how you’d likely react.
  • Personalized tips from our pros on regaining control and returning to your peak performance.

Meet the “Internal Game" Masters

In the 1990’s renowned corporate advisor Connie Charles and equally renowned golf coach Dave Bisbee developed a golf format to show executives that the principles of playing better golf are the same that produce better business results. Between them, they coached and motivated teams and individuals at many Fortune 500 companies, using golf as a metaphor for business management.

Who We Are

imapMyGolfGame is powered by a team of experts in behavioral science and performance improvement. We bring over 50 years of proven, collective experience in applying science to empower golfers to play their best game.