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Think Your Way
to a Better Golf Game

Get an effective guide to self-awareness and succeeding in the game of golf.

Assess, Adapt and Manage

Let us show you how we can help you motivate and manage your team to success.

Add High-Touch to High-Tech

Engage our team of experts to augment your investment in our technology. Our programs and insights help business leaders motivate, educate and energize their workforce.


“I’ve found the most successful people in life are those who are driven to become better. They consistently challenge themselves, and most importantly, they are open to learning about their authentic core. Self-awareness combined with the right plan is unstoppable.”

– Connie Charles

We know you!

imapSuccess offers a suite of products that can give you a better understanding of yourself and how you achieve success either personally or professionally. We manage you and your team in the conference room. We give you personalized tips on the golf course. We know your strengths and advise you on when and how to put them to good use. Follow your map and it will unlock peak performance in everything you do.

Let us guide you to the pathway that leads to success today!

What We Do

imapSuccess uses science to create a digital picture of you….from the inside out. We compose this picture through a survey of your opinions about yourself and other people. This creates your unique personality fingerprint. With that information we then give you a map for navigating life’s challenges at work, home or play.